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The PEER P.A.L.S. PROJECT (Personal, Academic, Life-skills, Support) is a Counseling & Wellness Center initiative designed for freshmen students. The objective of the PEER P.A.L.S. PROJECT is to create a supportive campus environment that will empower freshmen students to become academically successful as they transition from high school to college (physically and emotio(P.ersonal, A.cademic, L.ife-skills, S.upport). The PEER P.A.L.S. PROJECT matches UConn Hartford freshmen students (Freshmen Peers) with eligible sophomore, junior or senior UConn Hartford students (Peer Coaches). The intention of this supportive peer relationship is to foster academic success for Freshmen Peers.

“Before I started college, I was nervous and panicky. After joining the Peer Pals Project, I was assigned a really helpful peer coach. This is definitely something I would recommend for every freshman. Take advantage of this opportunity because after 2 weeks into the semester, everything will start making more sense.” – Triesha T.

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Freshman Peer Application

If you are a freshman student who is interested in applying to have a Peer Coach, please contact the CWC at and request a ‘FP Application Form’.

Peer Coach Application

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Coach, please contact the CWC at and request a ‘PC Application Form’.

If you have any questions about the PEER PALS PROJECT, please contact the Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC) at or 860-570-9288.